Preparation for NATA 2019 Entrance Exam

Preparation-for-NATA-2020-entrance-exam-with-creative-art will be great experience. our coaching style is very student friendly.

Learn how to prepare for NATA 2020 or Preparation for Nata Entrance Exam 2020 with Creative Art -From the experts – Nata Test Preparation.

Preparation for an examination is equivalent to preparing for someone’s life. Getting ready for NATA2018 will be simple fact being that you have an appropriate coaching and guidance.

The tips on How to prepare for NATA 2020 and overcome the phobia of NATA exam and make the entire process of preparation for exam a cake walk.

  • Get self-motivated and connect with a career counselor. The key to crack any exam is getting self-motivated and passionate about your dream career. It’s critical to start doing your homework as early as possible. Researching about architecture, architects and its future prospects will help you get motivated and live your dream.
  • Go through last year papers This will also help you to figure out important topics needed to be covered.
  • Sketching is the key because it forms an integral part of the NATA paper. The student can practice compositions, still life, perspective drawings, fore shortening, graphic design to name a few… one can explore coloring through dry media and prefer using A4 size format.
  • Time your mock tests to get aggressive with preparation. Subscribe to various online tests to get enough practice.
  • Revise mathematics of 9th-12th standard as it forms an important chunk of the exam. Going through topic-wise formulae for 9th and 10th is a good idea.
  • Aptitude and Logical Reasoning requires practice and time-management. It is a very scoring portion of the exam which needs to be exploited very well. There are lot of good Aptitude books available in the market for the same.
  • Read through articles and blogs about Architecture and related topics to give you a fair idea about various terms and vocabulary used in Architecture.
  • Last but not the least, have a proper schedule for diet and sleep to help you in achieve your goals. Mental health, as well as physical health, also plays an important role in determining your life.All the Best for your preparation..!!
  • Guidance from Creative Art Academy will help you a lot to prepare for exam. we prepare for NATA


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