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How to give your kids stability when coronavirus closes their daily activities. Here`s how to keep your kids entertained at home. 22nd March 2020

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Drawing class in Mumbai

Art is a great, do-it-at-home activity to stimulate and engage youngsters.

online drawing class in Mumbai




  1. Creative idea to have online class…kids are busy with drawing and enjoying too..they utilised their time in creative work instead of watching tv….

  2. Indeed art is a great thing to be done at home during this period of time. It helps you get motivation through it and a stress free time. Even in such times our ma’am didn’t lose hope in us and motivated us to create new things. Thank you ma’am.

  3. Thank you so much Miss Deepti for your efforts and encouragement as well as helping us to improve our art! Art is a great stress reliever and a great way to express our creativity.

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