environment activities

Environment Protection Activities

Environment protection activities along with Students in Mumbai. We tried to spread awareness among the school children about environment protection.

  • Volunteer at an Earth Day Event. …
  • Host a Recycling Drive. …
  • Stop cutting trees
  • Stop or Reduce Your Use of Disposable Plastics. …
  • Stop wasting water
  • Host your Own Event to Clean and Beautify Your Community. …
  • Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden. …
  • Support your Local Farmer’s Market. …
  • Conserve Energy.
    Teaching and enjoying oil painting in Mumbai
    Enjoying painting
    Social awareness workshop
    Social awareness program with students
    Oil painting
    Demo of wall painting
    Students oil painting work
    Street wall painting along with students



    social environment awareness
    Social awareness program

  • social environment awareness
  • social environment awareness
  • social environment awareness


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