Elementary and Intermediate Exam 2018

Are you thinking of a career in Fine Arts? Is drawing more than just a subject for you? Then  Elementary and Intermediate Grade Examination is the best option to opt for.

Lets make it easier for you to know every detailed information about these exams!

still life

The Elementary and Intermediate Grade Examination was organized in the year 1880 by the Art Directorate of the Government of Maharashtra. It began with 18 students for the very first examination, moving onto around 2 lakh students who show up for this examination, consistently.These exams were instituted with the idea of encouraging and developing an interest of art education amongst young aspiring individuals.

memory drawing

These examinations are normally held in Mid-September every year. What’s more, just those students who clear the Intermediate Drawing Grade Examination are admitted to the specialized higher courses like Commercial Art, Fine Art, and Foundation. While it isn’t necessary for other certified courses like Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Textile, having this additional certification helps you as an advantage. Who knows, you might even end up having your hand in some of IT or other vocational courses.

Names of the first 60 successful candidates in order of merit for each of the Grade examinations are announced at the examination centres. This exam is open to any candidate, private or candidates from recognized institutions.

Things to keep in mind before applying:


These exams are held in Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra-Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, U.P. and Delhi.

Have an artistic goal:

There are many students around you, who want to attempt this grade exam. They might force you to attempt the same exam. But if you are planning a career in drawing, then do not take this exam as casually as they are taking it. Focus on your art that will help you grow.

Thorough your Syllabus: 

There are  subjects you will have to concentrate on while preparing for this exam. Those subjects are: still drawing,  Memory drawing, Design, lettering, geometry. Each subject demands different skills. Each one needs more and more practice to achieve perfection in it. Study the syllabus carefully.

Time Management:

Elementary/ Intermediate grade exam is having various topics with a lot of detailing.Therefore, A student needs to schedule a time- table to give sufficient time for each subject. Also, this exam is necessarily conducted on Sundays; students have to cover all the papers in the given period of time. Only a good time manager can get through this exam.

Concentration is a must:

There are subjects like memory drawing, freehand drawing that needs calm and concentrated mind more than anything else. While practicing memory drawing or freehand drawing, you will get to know that you hardly get time to use an eraser and to repeat the same drawing. You need extreme level of concentration while dealing with Memory drawing, Design or free hand drawing. Increase your concentration by using meditation as a tool.

Learn to Observe things:

Observation is the first and foremost quality of an artist. Observing nature, places, people, and incidents will make you grow as an artist.

We wish you all the best for your exams and hope you clear the Elementary / Intermediate Grade Exam with ease. Go ahead; give an exam for a subject you love, or just out of your crave for art.


  1. Very detailed information you have given about what to n what not to be done before applying for exam. Would like to know whether will you take classes in Pune? I would like to enroll my son who is 11 yrs old.

  2. Hi I am art teacher from Banglore running Hobby Art Classes
    Can my students take Maharastra board exams?
    Is there a centre in Bangalore?

    1. No centre in Bangalore, he or she has to apply in Maharashtra, they have to come to mumbai for exam in month of september at least 3 days. i can help in the processore contact me on 9757487475

  3. Hi I am art teacher from Banglore running Hobby Art Classes
    Can my students take Maharastra board exams?
    Is there a centre in Bangalore?

  4. My daughter is 11 years old and we live in Indore ( MP) . How can she start for the preparation of this exam ? Please guide.

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